Louise Iddon
Graphic Designer

I have just finished my degree in graphic design at UWE and achieved a first woohoo.
I love to use vibrant colours and like to draw things by hand due to the unpredictable creative outcomes that can occur. My work is driven by a need to create and an enthusiasm for exploring the underlining principals of graphics design. I am heavily influenced in my design processes by an innate curiosity of the modern world and by the history of graphic design and art as a whole.

It’s been some time

Hi everyone, I know its been sometime since I last blogged sorry to all you followers. Well now I have finished my degree and with a FIRST woohoo, I have not stopped. Well lets be honist I did take a little time out to enjoy myself and take advantage of the last bit of fredom i have. Now I have to be a civil memeber of society and pay taxes and bills, well thats once I get a job, which I may add is very hard. I have decorated the whole house and done some collage canvases which I have never done before and I have to say I like the medium alot. I have done several for the house and presents and in the middle of doing a large scale one for opur landing. So lets hope I can keep up to date with the blogging this time :)

© Louise Iddon 2012
Two large canvas collages for my living room

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© Louise Iddon 2012

Two large canvas collages for my living room

© Louise Iddon 2012

Presents for people I respect and am greatful for there help :)

Final Screen Print Posters

Don’t tell the Mrs

Self image collages

I make myself beautiful for you

Scratch boards

Self deception Developement

What are you measuring against?

Whats wrong with you the way you are?

Sale collages

Here is a selection of my collages so far on deception advertising. I feel some of these could be added to and created into nice posters.